Who we are

Agricultural Development Institute (ADI) is a subsidiary of Hoopoe Group with headquarters in Pretoria South Africa.  ADI is a specialized institution with focused services in agricultural development.  The institute provides a range of tailored services to both private and public sector organizations in the agricultural sector and since its inception, the institute has proved to be a reliable source of expertise in the sector.  ADI is also an accredited training institution that provides customized training in the agricultural and agri-business fields.  Our training is flexible with experts in various sections of the sector working with the institute in the delivery of training and consultancy services.

Agricultural Development Institute is built around a cluster of professionals and experts in the agricultural sector as well as a virtual team of experts rendering their time flexibly and internationally. Our approach to service provision is working with stakeholder organizations to identify key areas that are critical to their development and service delivery so that our expertise is customized towards specific deliverables. Through this approach, using our sectoral expertise and experience, we are able to contribute meaningfully in achieving targeted objectives.


Our Vision is to transform the African agricultural sector to a state that meets the current and future needs of the continent in an economical and sustainable fashion.


Our Mission is to provide professional and expert sectoral services that meaningfully contribute to sustainable, efficient and rewarding agriculture in Africa.

Our Service approach

ADI believes that for real transformation and development to be achieved, corroboration is key and as a service provider we know that understanding the particular environment and attention to details is the foundation of effective service delivery.  It's on that background that the institute interacts with its clients in order to provide them with the most suited service to realize their goals.  The institute also strive to work with other organizations and stakeholders in the sector to further enhance the quality of expertise provided.